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Body Language by David Deangelo 4 DVD

Posted by naveennisha at 10:29 PM - 17-04-2010. Body Language by David Deangelo 4 DVD ready free download in Rapidshare, Torrent, Mediafire, ZippyShare, Rapidgator,

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Body Language by David Deangelo 4 DVD | 1.55Gb
As with David Deangelo’s other Double Your Dating programs, his Body Language DVD series combines a large amount of David’s research along with interviews and presentations by the best players in the pick-up community. During his seminar David took a group of men awkward and uncomfortable in their own skin and gave them a much-needed education in learning how their bodies communicate far more than their words ever will.

In the first disc, David opens the seminar by that all animals have a “mating dance” and that humans are no exception. He then goes on to discuss how body language is a form of communication that conveys things such as value and status (which anyone familiar with the community knows are utterly important things to convey to women). Body language is a more direct communication channel than verbal language and delivers honest signals that cannot be faked. David also covers diverse aspects of understanding body language by discussing what it means to be cool, the “sexual threat” and the Sexually Aggressive Male (SAM), grooming, dressing yourself properly, and even what romance novels can tell us about body language.
Disc two continues with David describing in more detail the way status is conveyed through body language. Body language is really just a projection of your inner game; therefore it cannot be faked. The way you walk, your posture and how you hold eye contact communicate far more than what you say. Though body language is a projection of your inner-game, consciously altering your body language can actually alter your mood in a positive way. David even looks at the way chivalry can be properly used to increase a woman’s attraction towards a man.
Disc two concludes with a presentation by non other than Mystery. Mystery goes over his ideas on survival and replication value, and the Mystery Method M3 model. Then Mystery actually recruits volunteers from the audience to demonstrate different aspects of approaching women, explaining the logic behind the way you open with body language, while demonstrating it. Mystery then explains and demonstrates such concepts as locking-in a set (group of people), approaching at a bar, false time constraints, and Kino tests. And of course what would any presentation by Mystery be without an explanation of neg theory, peacocking, the 3-second rule, DHVs, and IOIs.
Disk three begins with a continuation of Mystery’s presentation. Here Mystery goes beyond the initial approach and discusses the ways to Kino escalate as part of the comfort building phase of the courtship process. Also important were ways to use push pull and cat string theory to build comfort and attraction. Lastly Mystery discusses what Last Minute Resistance (LMR) is and ways to deal with it.
The next guest speakers are Steve and Eric (perhaps better known by the community as Steve P. and Hypnotica). Their presentation focused more in depthly about the importance of inner-game, and how that affects body language. The duo explains the mind-body connection and how thoughts affect your body language. Steve P. has the audience do a couple of NLP exercises to rid negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones. Above all Steve P. and Hypnotica emphasize the importance of spending the time to work on inner-game, as a way to energize the body language your body projects in your outer game.
The next guest was a female dancer (no not THAT kind of dancer) named Patty. Patty used principles of body movement in dance to demonstrate the ways a confident man should position and move his body. She demonstrated on improving the body language of volunteers from the audience, teaching them how to stand and move with confidence and purpose. By far Patty did the most to demonstrate very specific ways to move the body.
Disk three concludes with a presentation by Craig (well known for his appearance on the show Elimidate). Craig describes and demonstrates a catalog of techniques used in approaching and flirting with women. Like David DeAngelo, Craig is well known for his use of cocky and funny, but his physical presence is quite a bit more energetic. Craig also establishes mindsets and goes over the do and don’ts of body language.
In disc four, Will H. gives a short presentation on some interesting ways he uses body language to communicate with women. Part of Will’s approach is to always appear to be the life of the party, even if he walks into a bar full of strangers by himself. Will also enjoys watching woman shoot down men and then using this to his advantage.
The last guest speaker is Tyler Durden. Tyler goes over aspects of being an alpha male, such as displaying value, taking up space, and not seeking approval. He also describes how a man can use body language to actually improve his internal state positively. Of utmost importance to Tyler is for guys to actually go out in the field and try the things they learned with women and that this was the only way to really effectively calibrate.
At the conclusion of the program David DeAngelo emphasizes the importance of taking action, playing through the pain, and simply going out and enjoying yourself while you try out the new things learned in the seminar.
Now that I have given you a description of what the program contains, I would like to offer my opinions on it. Overall the program is really good and gives someone some great information. The guest speakers were amazing and gave great insights into all aspects of body language. The top players in the community were there giving out their best stuff.



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