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Old 10-09-2009, 04:16 PM

Dragon Ball Z Remastered in HD (full 9 seasons + all movies)

Posted by kieuphong at 04:16 PM - 10-09-2009. Dragon Ball Z Remastered in HD (full 9 seasons + all movies) ready free download in Rapidshare, Torrent, Mediafire, ZippyShare, Rapidgator,

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File Download: Dragon Ball Z Remastered in HD (full 9 seasons + all movies).rar
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Vegeta Saga: Season 1 [Episode 1-39]

Sub Season 1 of DBZ

Ginyu Force Saga [Episode 40-74]

Frieza Saga [Episode 75-107]

Garlic Junior Saga [Episode 108-116]
Trunks Saga [Episode 117-124]
Androids Saga [Episode 125-139]

Imperfect Cell Saga [Episode 140-152]
Perfect Cell Saga [Episode 153-165]

Cell Games Saga: Season 6 [Episode 166-194]

Great Saiyaman Saga: Season 7 [Episode 195-209]
World Tournament Saga : Season 7 [Episode 210-219]

Babidi Saga : Season 8 [Episode 220->230]
Majin Buu Saga : Season 8 [Episode 231->253]

Sub for SS8

Fushion Saga : Season 9 [Episode 254->274]
Kid Buu Saga: Season 9 [Episode 275->291]

Sub all (ss1-->ss9)
Specials 1: The History Of Trunks

Special 2: Bardock The Father Of Goku

Movie 1: The Dead Zone

Movie 2: The World Strongest

Movie 3: Tree Of Might

Movie 4: Lord Slug

Movie 5: Coller Revenge

Movie 6: The Return Of Coller

Movie 7: Super Android 13

Movie 9: Bojack Unbound

Movie 8: Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan

Movie 10: Broly Second Coming
Movie 11: Bio Broly
Movie 12: Fusion Reborn

Movie 13: Wrath Of The Dragon

Pass for movie 5 6 7 9: Sub movie 1,2 special 1,2
Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!!
(Doragon Bōru Ossu! Kaette Kita Son Gokū to Nakama-tachi!!)

Based on an original concept by the original author Akira Toriyama, the story, set two years after the defeat of Majin Buu, puts Son Goku and his friends against a new enemy.

This special introduces four new characters: Abo (アボ, Abo?) and Cado (カド, Cado?), red and blue aliens wearing battle fatigues who later merge into a large, purple alien named Aka (アカ, Aka?), a Saiyan named Tarble (ターブル, Tāburu?), the younger brother of Vegeta who had previously been sent away from Planet Vegeta, and his wife Gure (グレ, Gure?), a small yellow alien.

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